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Derek Weber is founder and owner of goBRANDgo!, which was started ten years ago while attending St. Louis University in Missouri.  “It’s been a journey of a million steps,” said Derek.  Although it started off as a small custom t-shirt company, by his senior year, the company earned nearly $45,000 in revenue.

Derek was planning to meet with his college advisor to discuss his future when he picked up an issue of Fast Company.  He came upon an article by Jim Collins describing the difference between failure and fall-ure in terms of rock climbing.  Failure is when you are tired and weary, and decide to stop climbing and hang onto the rope instead of going for the next rock.  Fall-ure is when you start to get tired and weary, and decide to commit fully to the next rock or big jump, but still end up off of the rocks and hanging on to the rope.  Derek took this inspiration to go for it and risk failing (or fall-uring), instead of failing to try.

goBRANDgo! works with entrepreneurs from several million in revenue on up to a medium sized company.  The company assists the entrepreneurs to improve their branding and marketing, and take the company to the next level.  “We try to focus on helping our clients in the entrepreneurial space accomplish their goals.”

Keys to goBRANDgo!’s success and growth:

– Ability to Iterate: Continually evolve and change.  Try new things.

– Ability to Persevere: “You’ve got to be able to put up with more stuff than the next guy.”

2013 CEO National Conference

Derek Weber will be speaking at the 2013 CEO National Conference in Chicago, October 31 – November 2.  Derek will be speaking about how young entrepreneurs can get from the idea stage to execution.  The session will be based off of a workshop Derek hosts as a part of go!-cellerator that focuses on going from idea to execution in 90 days.

As someone who started a business himself at the age of 21, Derek will offer his unique experience and expertise to students who are hoping to run their own entrepreneurial ventures.

The Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO) National Conference is an annual event open to college students and the public.  The nonprofit organization focuses on venture creation and supporting young entrepreneurs.  To find out more about the conference and CEO, visit

Listen to the full interview with goBRANDgo! CEO Derek Weber here.

Interview Highlights

– What goBRANDgo! is and how they are the champion of the everyday entrepreneur

– “Don’t spend too much time building without testing. Get out there and try it.”

– “Don’t fall in love with your idea.”





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