Entrepreneur Tim Huntley Interview: 2013 CEO National Conference Speaker


Tim Huntley

While working at IBM in the mid-1990’s, Tim Huntley and a group of 8 started what later became Ganymede Software.  The team grew to over 30 before leaving IBM.  Huntley served as CEO and helped the company raise over $10 million in capital.  At the end of the internet bubble in 2000, Ganymede was acquired by Mission Critical/NetIQ.

Tim’s entrepreneurial efforts go back to his college days, where he bought and sold sports memorabilia at local flea markets.

Keys to success and growth:

–          Hiring the best people

–          Learning inside of IBM what to do and what not to do

–          Establishing key partnerships

Tim has no regrets with Ganymede, but did point to one of the mistakes they made was serializing the fundraising process.  When talking and negotiating with venture capitalists, they waited until the process was complete or fell through until pursuing the next potential investor.  There were many times that Tim would’ve sworn that a deal was sure to go through, only to fall apart.

Tim re-entered the entrepreneurial scene through mentoring startups at the Triangle StartUpFactory in Raleigh-Duram, North Carolina.  Tim has since launched An Entrepreneurial Life.  Through An Entrepreneurial Life, Tim is showcasing young entrepreneurs by covering startups, small businesses, and young entrepreneurs’ stories.

2013 CEO National Conference

Tim Huntley will be speaking at the 2013 CEO National Conference in Chicago, October 31 – November 2.  Tim will be speaking to students and young entrepreneurs about raising money from angel investors – something Tim has experience with from the side as a business owner/CEO, and as an investor himself.

Ask why he is interested in supporting young entrepreneurs, Tim pointed to being an entrepreneur as a more feasible option.  “The entrepreneurial path is so much more viable than it was before.”

Hear the full interview with Tim Huntley here!


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