Interview with Elizabeth Presson: 2013 CEO National Conference Speaker


Elizabeth Presson

By Michael Luchies

Elizabeth Presson knew what she wanted out of life, and then she started her first day of work.  She was content with working her way to the top of the corporate ladder, but was meant for something much more meaningful.  On her first day at her new job in Washington D.C., her employer asked if she wanted to do something bigger, something different.  She jumped at the challenge and opportunity, and became the first employee of a social media startup.  That startup opened Elizabeth to a new path and a rewarding career.

Elizabeth now owns and manages Working, along with working for Digi International on digital media, community and content strategy.  Elizabeth is passionate about helping employees realize their true potential and happiness through working remotely, and helping companies manage and capitalize on the growing popularity and shift of having employees who work outside of a general corporate owned office.

Working remotely is an option for employers and employees that is growing in feasibility and popularity around the world.  In 2010, 13.4 million people (9.4% of U.S. workers) worked at least one day each week from home.  This is up significantly from 1997, when only 7% of the work force worked at least a day a week at home.

“Working is about not just working from a different place, but working from a different mindset. It’s a mindset of freedom.”

2013 CEO National Conference

Elizabeth Presson will be speaking at the 2013 Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO) National Conference in Chicago, October 31 – November 2.  Elizabeth will be speaking about what she has learned from her experiences working as a contractor, freelancer, intrapreneur, and her own business. “We’re all fighting for the same thing – freedom.  The way that we can get our freedom the easiest is by becoming the CEO’s of our own lives.”  The session will help students understand the right next steps to take to become the CEO’s of their lives, whether that is starting a business from day one, getting work experience, or something completely different.

Listen to the full interview with Elizabeth Presson here!

Interview Highlights

– Advantages and disadvantages of working remotely from the eyes of an employee.

– Advantages and disadvantages of having employees working remotely.

– “Start Today!” “Just take that first step today.”

– “There’s nothing wrong with dipping your toes in the water before jumping in.”



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