Young & Influential: Interview with Entrepreneur Kelsey Meyer

Co-founder and President of Influence & Co., Kelsey Meyer.

Co-founder and President of Influence & Co., Kelsey Meyer.


President and Co-Founder of Influence & Co. to Speak at 2013 CEO National Conference

Kelsey Meyer is not your average 20-something college graduate.  Kelsey is co-founder and President of Influence & Co., which works directly with industry experts in getting their voice out through quality publications.  She started working on the company while at Missouri University, but her entrepreneurial roots go back to her younger years. “My mom and dad used to joke that my neighbors were going crazy because every week I would have a different thing that I was selling them.”  Kelsey is no longer selling painted rocks, homemade pillows, or her neighborhood newsletter, but is now assisting entrepreneurs and companies in building their credibility and influence online.

The idea for the company spun out of an experience with an investor who was having a hard time getting exposure.  After developing a way to get his story and message out to others, the company took off and now features a team of 50 employees.

Kelsey will be speaking to students and young entrepreneurs at the 2013 CEO National Conference in Chicago, October 31 – November 2.  She will be speaking on how to scale a startup, which Influence & Co. has done exceptionally well in just a two year time span.  “A lot of things that I learned in school, even in my entrepreneurial club, was about starting a business and less about how you actually scale a team, how to keep company culture the same when you are adding on more people, and how to put those processes in place to where you can keep the same core business, but grow it really quickly.”

Kelsey attended the conference as a student and credits her experience to helping her become a young entrepreneur.  “The CEO National Conference is the reason I am an entrepreneur. I attended the conference as a Senior in college and it sparked a desire and confidence to move forward with my first company. Since then I’ve gone on to build Influence & Co. and know that if I hadn’t attended the CEO National Conference our company would not be where it is.”

“I honestly feel extremely lucky to speak. You get access to people who otherwise you wouldn’t.” 

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Interview Highlights

– Why entrepreneurship and events like the CEO National Conference are beneficial to people, even if they never go on to starting their own business.

– Why it is important to get outside of your comfort zone.

– Content marketing mistakes and tips.

– “Tell your idea to everyone!” Why Kelsey feels it is important to not hide your business idea from others.

Fun Fact Questions

What is your favorite thing to do to relax?  Play golf.  I played for Mizzou and have played my whole life so it’s a good go-to relaxing activity for me.

What was your favorite and least favorite course in college? Favorite: Creative Writing. Least Favorite: Greek Mythology.

What has been your best experience so far as an entrepreneur?  Growing our amazing team. I feel so lucky to get to work with people I respect and enjoy being around.

One entrepreneur who you haven’t worked with yet, but you would love the opportunity to work with them?  Hands down Tony Hsieh. What he’s done with Vegas Downtown Project is unbelievable to me and I would just love to pick his brain.

For more information on the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization, visit To find out more information about the 2013 CEO National Conference, visit the registration and information page here.  For more information on Influence and Co., visit


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