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CEO is a global network comprised of 16,500 college students possessing an irrepressible entrepreneurial spirit at more than 250 campuses world-wide. CEO hosts one global conference, a $15,000 pitch competition, five regional events and a variety of online resources, click here to view a list of our full membership benefits

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CEO Chapter

If you wish to launch a New CEO Chapter or re-affiliate with CEO HQ, please begin the on-boarding process by completing online registration and completing the Chapter Initiation Guide, found here. 

Once you've completed the registration process the CEO HQ membership coordinator will be in contact.  If you'd like to fast-track the on-boarding process, please complete membership dues payment online, at the completion of payment, you will gain access to the full benefits and resources of the CEO Network. 

General Member

If your campus is already a CEO member, you may register now at now cost to take advantage of the member-only benefits on this website. Once you register, we will confirm your campus is an active chapter and link you to your campus account and activate your membership. You may also register via your chapter specific link, provided by your faculty advisor, chapter president or by contacting CEO HQ. 

CEO Alumni Association Member

Alumni that wish to transition their student membership after graduating can do so by registering as an Alumni CEO Member. CEO requests that Alumni members also consider a tax deductible charitable gift at time of registration.

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