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Findings of Spring 2019 Impact Survey indicate 875 new Ventures Launched network-wide...

Tuesday, August 6, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization, Inc.
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Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO) conducts Spring 2019 Impact survey. Findings indicate 875 new ventures launched nationwide, and strong entrepreneurial activity on chapter campuses. 

CEO is a global network of 16,000 college students possessing an irrepressible entrepreneurial spirit at 250 university programs. CEO students are innovators, go-getters and the next generation of entrepreneurs.  The CEO network provides connectivity to founders, mentors, advisors, curriculum, new venture funding, legal support, a career center, global and regional conferences and access to student organization guides and resources.

When CEO was founded in the early 70’s, entrepreneurship education was non-existent. The founders of the organization believed that by creating student groups of entrepreneurs on university/college campuses, entrepreneurial activity would blossom, and senior administrators would actively support academic programming in entrepreneurship. They were correct. Today, entrepreneurship academic programming exists, however, without a vibrant co-curricular activity network, the education stops at the classroom. Entrepreneurial co-curricular activity across university/college campuses is critical to the success of the global collegiate new-venture ecosystem.  In spring of 2019, 79% of CEO chapters hosted a range of 6 to 15 events.  This amounted to 493 speaker series, 497 social functions and 464 creativity and innovation workshops. 

CEO’s mission is to inform, support and inspire college students to be more entrepreneurial via new venture creation.  Launching a business while in college is a smart move, in most cases student entrepreneurs have very little to lose in the event of new venture failure. Furthermore, if a venture is successful, a student has secured a career immediately after graduation. The sand-box environment that the CEO Chapter cultivates on university/college campuses further encourages the development of new businesses. Spring 2019 was no exception to this methodology. CEO’s mantra of “Stop Dreaming, Start Doing” came to life as 875 CEO Chapter members were actively launching new ventures. 

New ventures don’t just happen, it takes a coachable entrepreneur to understand that they might not be the expert in every business practice. Successful entrepreneurs can recount at least one mentor that was catalyzing in the development of their professional growth. CEO encourages that its students meet with business advisors and mentors. In spring of 2019, 1,373-chapter members met with business advisors, experts-in-residence and mentors to help advance their ventures.

CEO recognizes that many of its student members may not successfully launch a venture. In fact, many CEO students will go-on to intrapreneurial roles in major corporations cultivating internal innovation. It is for this reason that connectivity to corporations is of paramount importance to students.  While CEO partners with many major corporations the following six ranked highest in student engagement with CEO chapters. These corporations are ranked in order of interactivity with CEO’s students: Northwestern Mutual, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Target, Marriott, Microsoft and Accenture.  

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