Gene Landrum & Sharon Bui
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Gene Landrum, Founder of Chuck-E-Cheese

Gene is a high-tech start-up specialist who has 21 books in print. He launched five successful ventures, three of these ventures saw 100mm in revenues within two years - the most noted being the Chuck E. Cheese chain of family entertainment. Gene has also spoken at the U.S. Capitol, Harvard University, Epcot, and The University of Florida on Global Leadership to share his entrepreneurial journey. In 2011 Gene was inducted into the Entrepreneur Hall of Fame by CEO – Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

Sharon Bui, CEO of Shark Tank company and Speaker, Frill Clothing

Faced with another huge bill for recruitment clothing, Sharon Bui became frustrated! How could the apparel worn by her and her sisters throughout the week be so expensive and unflattering? From frustration came an idea; partnering with a long-time friend, Sharon set out to fill a need for sorority members and, in the process, created a movement. Her company, Frill, has designed collections for women across the nation and has been featured on the hit TV programs Shark Tank and Beyond the Tank. The Substance of Frill, Sharon’s signature program, highlights her extraordinary journey and demonstrates the potential of one determined woman determined to solve a problem.

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