Merchandise for Your Chapter

Only officially recognized CEO chapters may produce merchandise displaying both the student organization’s name/logo/mark and CEO/your institution marks with permission from your university's marketing office. 

CEO marks may not be altered, and all merchandise must include the organization’s name/logo prominently on the product. Chapters are required to use licensed manufacturers for all products bearing CEO marks.

Chapters will not be subject to payment of the royalty fee as long as the proposed design on their merchandise makes the specific chapter the predominant element of the design. However, the use of general CEO marks, where the chapter’s name is not predominant to the design requires payment of the standard royalty fee by the licensed vendor.

Non-Royalty Examples:

A T-shirt design with a CEO mark or “The Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization” on the front of the shirt would not be subject to the payment of the royalty fee.

An approved vendor merchandise item that would provide value for your organization that is co-sponsored would not be subject to the payment of the royalty fee. 

CEO's Approved Vendor: 

CEO has a partnership with Ali Specialties as our licensed vendor for all CEO chapter merchandise. If you are printing a CEO logo on anything, IT MUST be processed through our merchandise program. CEO chapters may place an order of the below items or requested custom items by filling out the attached contact form.  


Merchandise Packages

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