Membership Startup Package

The Membership Startup Package is an excellent way to display your affiliation with a global headquarter brand. This not only provides recognition to your university or college and your members, it also helps to establish awareness of your chapter across campus. The below items have been selected by the headquarter office as the most effective tools for developing your influence across campus. Each item has been discounted as a part of this package in alignment with our mission to help establish entrepreneurial eco-systems globally. Reach your target audience and build the right buzz around your chapter with the below branded table cloth, pop up banner, chapter flyers, and official chapter plaque!

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Tablecloth used for brand recognition, recruiting, etc. 



Pop Up Banner:

Mobile pop up banner used for brand recognition, marketing, social media, etc. 


Chapter Flyer Ad (200 ct):

Distributable ads available to spread awareness of chapter on campus


Chapter Plaque:

Displaying the CEO charter in your office, entrepreneurship center or somewhere on your campus is a great way to increase awareness of your chapter. 

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