CEO Hall of Fame

Each year at the National CEO Conference, outstanding entrepreneurs are inducted into the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization's Hall of Fame. These successful entrepreneurs are role models to future generations, inspiring students, faculty and up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Circa 2001

Bill Porter, E-Trade
Earl Graves, Black Enterprise Magazine
Gordon Segal, Crate and Barrel
Herb Kelleher, Southwest Airlines
Rhonda Kallman, Boston Beer Co. (Samuel Adams) 
Yossi Vardi, ICQ


Myra Hart, Staples
William Saito, I/O Software, Inc.


John E. Hughes, The Coleman Foundation, John E. and Jeanne T. Hughes Foundation, former CEO of Fannie May Candy Shops (Lifetime Achievement Award)
Michael Ferro, Click Commerce, Inc. (CEO Young Entrepreneur of the Year)


Jeff Taylor, (Lifetime Achievement Award)
Jimmy John Liautaud, Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches (Lifetime Achievement Award)


Greg Jones, (Lifetime Achievement Award)
John D. Goeken, MCI, FTD, Airfone (Lifetime Achievement Award)
Steve Wozniak, Apple Computer (Lifetime Achievement Award)


Helen Greiner, iRobot (Lifetime Achievement Award)
Patrick Byrne, (Lifetime Achievement Award)


Edward and Bettiann Garder, Soft Sheen Products (Lifetime Achievement Award)
Joshua James, Omniture, Inc. (CEO Young Entrepreneur of the Year)
Kenneth Hendricks, American Builders & Contractors Supply Co. (CEO Hall of Fame Award)
Peter Thomas, LifePilot (Lifetime Achievement Award)
Ron Rubin, The Republic of Tea (CEO Hall of Fame Award)


David Hauser, GotVMail (Grasshopper) (CEO Young Entrepreneur of the Year)
Doris Christopher, The Pampered Chef (Lifetime Achievement Award)
Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad (Lifetime Achievement Award)


Alfredo Molina, The Molina Group (Lifetime Achievement Award)
Edmund Scanlan, Total Attorneys, Inc. (CEO Young Entrepreneur of the Year)


Jeff Hoffman, (Lifetime Achievement Award)
Michael DeLazzer, Redbox (Lifetime Achievement Award)


Gene Landrum, Chuck E. Cheese (Lifetime Achievement Award)


Brian Scudamore, 1-800-GOT-JUNK (Lifetime Achievement Award
Mike Evans, GrubHub (Young Entrepreneur of the Year) 


Norm Brodsky, Inc. Magazine Senior Contributing Editor, Managing Partner of Black Gold Suites, Chairman of Kobeyaki Restaurant Group (Lifetime Achievement Award)
Chris Heivly, The Startup Factory & Co-Founder of MapQuest (Hall of Fame)
Trevor Owens, Lean Startup Machine (Alumni Hall of Fame)


Kevin HarringtonAs Seen on TV


Craig Culver, Culvers
Henry and Tom Bloch, 
H&R Bloc 


Dr. Gene Landrum , Chuck E. Cheese (Best of the Best Award)
Michael DeLazzer,
RedBox (Best of the Best Award)
Nick Martin,
Signature Lacrosse (Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award)


Craig Dubitsky, Hello Products, eos, Method
Ryan Buonaugurio, 
RPB Marine (Collegiate Entrepreneur of the Year Award)


Kyle Taylor, The Penny Hoarder
Grayson Burgess,
Comic Sandwiches (Collegiate Entrepreneur of the Year Award)

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