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A Plan for Operating in a Physically Distanced World

The past few months have been a challenging and disruptive experience for all. On behalf of the staff and officer team at CEO HQ, we hope you and your family have stayed healthy and safe during the multiple crisis that 2020 has brought to our doorsteps. HQ has been working diligently to mitigate the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Organization leadership has been meeting with university leaders , faculty, CEO officers , various advisors and event officials as we worked to develop a solution. This plan needed to allow for the same level of commitment to mission that you and your fellow members have come to know and love from CEO, all while respecting regulations that keep our constituents safe and healthy . To this end, we are excited to present CEO's amended operating plan for the 2020-21 Academic Year! We are eager to continue your entrepreneurial experience with CEO and hope you find the below offerings exciting, engaging and a way to stay involved.  

Continue reading to explore In-Progress and Future Engagement Opportunities:

At the beginning of June, CEO HQ re-imagined how alumnus of the CEO Global Network could engage with Headquarters and our chapters. By way of launching the CEO Alumni Association, HQ identified nearly 7,000 successful alumni that would qualify for membership. Participating as a member has a variety of benefits, including: a closed group featuring new opportunities and innovative discussions, subscriptions to: Entrepreneur Magazine and American Inno; in person events, and an opportunity to connect with current members through our chapters. The Association will play a pivotal role in supporting our chapters as they seek business mentors, organization advisors, subject matter expert speakers and judges for their events and/or programs. CEO has also taken additional steps to expand it's chapter student leader executive branch. This includes the establishment of a Vice President of Alumni Relations at each CEO Chapter and a Alumni Coordinator position at HQ, these student leaders in partnership with HQ will create a bridge for alumni and our chapters.  A revised election guide with a position description can be found here.

If you've participated in a CEO chapter, program or event and have graduated from your campus, CEO HQ welcomes you to join the Alumni Association.

Alumni Association

On June 22 running until July 17, CEO HQ partnered with Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) and Summerfuel to launch the Emerging Entrepreneurs Summer Camp. This immersive virtual experience, took high school students along a new venture creation journey. CEO provided the participants with early access to its collegiate online resource portal, and, created an exclusive mentorship opportunity for our chapter presidents. Our leaders spent several hours a day providing feedback while coaching these high school students through new venture creation exercises. The end result: an enveloping experience for both the camp participants and the CEO members that participated. For the chapter presidents, this was excellent practical skill development in new venture coaching, a critical exercise required to successfully run a CEO Chapter. For the high school students, they now have a foundational understanding of entrepreneurship, they can put this in action the moment they arrive on a university campus and CEO will be ready to support their efforts. 

Summer Camp

CEO HQ recognizes that many summer internships, trips, learning experiences and in some cases full-time careers were adversely impacted as a result of COVID-19. We encourage our members to look at this time as a way to build upon their entrepreneurial skills. To this end, CEO will immediately begin offering a weekly Summer Business Formation Bootcamp. This webinar series will launch on July 29, and run on a weekly basis. There is no cost to participate in this program but pre-registration is required. This four week bootcamp is designed for both the budding entrepreneur without a business concept and the founder that has seen success in their new venture growth. Attendees will all benefit from exploring and/or revisiting the foundational topics of new venture creation. Experts in entrepreneurial education along with practitioners and authors of groundbreaking entrepreneurial topics will lead the following sessions:

1. Business Creativity: Identifying an Opportunity | July 29, 2020: 3:00 p.m. EST
2. Business Ideation: Creating a Solution for the Problem|
August 5, 2020: 3:00 p.m. EST
3. Testing the Viability of your Concept |
August 12, 2020: 3:00 p.m. EST
4. Customer Validation: Do you have what they want? | August 19, 2020: 3:00 p.m. EST

These topics will spark creativity in new venture ideation among the CEO member attendees.  Participation in this bootcamp will prepare you for business model competitions such as the CEO Global Virtual Pitch and Future Founders, U.Pitch competition, to name a few.  

Business Bootcamp

New to the CEO recruitment strategy , HQ is now offering live Zoom recruitment presentations. CEO campuses now have access to a live delivery of a brief "pitch" discussing why a student might want to participate in your on-campus CEO chapter. The pitch will be delivered by CEO HQ staffers and each campus is encouraged to host multiple sessions, in as many entrepreneurship courses as possible!  Spanning no longer than five minutes these pitches will cover a variety of topics: 

  • Global Conference & Pitch Competition
  • Online Resources
  • Alumni Association
  • Bootcamps, Workshops and varying opportunities!

Throughout the session, CEO staffers will instruct your class members to register as a CEO member. This is a simple process and a great benefit to your class. As there is no fee to register with HQ, students will immediately begin to benefit from CEO resources. After collecting registrations, Chapter Leaders and Faculty Advisors will be able to manage membership and e-mail these students directly to offer on-campus programming and market membership opportunities.

Recruiting Sessions

On Monday, August 24, CEO HQ will open applications for a re-invigorated and participant focused Virtual Global Pitch Competition. Unlike any other collegiate new venture competition, along the journey, participants will add new elements of their business model to a virtual stock-exchange. Judges, and mentors will participate in the trading of stock credits to "up-vote" ventures, and mentors will provide guidance and feedback to student participants. On Monday, September 28th, CEO will announce the 100 competition participants from an applicant pool of nearly 1,000. There is no cost to participate in the Virtual Global Pitch Competition.

Each week thereafter, every competition participant will be prompted to upload a new element of their business profile to the competition Exchange. The following elements will be featured: 

  • Business Concept - a two paragraph narrative pitch on your venture
  • Business Model - a graphic representation of business your model and key elements of the venture
  • Pitch Deck - a three-five slide pitch deck that can be used during your live presentation
  • Business Launch Plan - a two page, month-to-month one-year business launch plan
  • Pitch Video - a one minute, thirty second pitch video

As each individual business profile grows, students will learn new elements of business model creation, stock credits will be traded and mentors will provide actionable feedback to participants. This will only increase the quality of your venture pitch and presentation. On October 26th, formal judging of Business Profiles will begin and on November 2nd, CEO HQ will announce the 20 finalist that will present their pitch to a live virtual audience and judging panel a the Virtual Global Conference competing for a chance at $15,000 in new venture funding.

As a way to increase awareness of the 100 new ventures created by participating in this competition, CEO will feature each "Pitch Video" on a YouTube playlist. Each of the 100 participants will embark on their own social media campaigns to increase pitch video viewership and likes. The Pitch Video with the most views and likes will receive The Collegiate Entrepreneur of the Year Award at a $600 cash prize!

Click here to view the virtual pitch competition guidelines and be sure to submit your application on August 24th!

Virtual Pitch Competition

In compliance with CDC guidelines and Illinois reopening procedures, as it relates to physical distancing and large scale events, CEO will not be able to host an in-person 2020 Global Conference. The organization will reschedule the Chicago agreement for 2022 and resume with an in-person conference in Tampa in 2021.

To that end, CEO HQ would like to officially announce that #CEOGlobal2020 will be completely virtual!

This new way of convening our membership in a virtual platform does not mean that the conference experience you've come to know and love will be any less engaging, inspiring and motivational.  CEO is committed to ensuring attendees of #CEOGlobal2020 have an unforgettable experience.

The conference will feature keynote speakers with an inspiring and motivational message, interactive bootcamps, workshops, engaging simulations, chapter awards, chapter development and pitch presentations from the 20 finalists of the Virtual Global Pitch Competition. The conference will also feature one-on-one networking sessions, mentor room meetings and an engaging exhibit hall to help bridge our membership to the business community, here you can search for jobs, internships and partnerships with some of the nation's most reputable brands.

#CEOGlobal2020 will be an unforgettable experience for everybody (including CEO HQ). We are excited to continue our charge of informing, supporting and inspiring our membership to launch new ventures and we understand attending this event is one the most impactful ways we do that. Which is why, as a result of significant cost-savings by not hosting an in-person event, CEO will only charge $25 for members and $30 for non-members to participate in #CEOGlobal2020, if you register before October 15th. Pricing will increase by $10 after October 15th. 

On November 6 - 7, 2020, join CEO Global Headquarters and it's membership from around the globe as they convene, from the comfort of their own home, dorm room, apartment, poolside, backyard, and wherever they feel most inspired, to "Innovate Forward in the Unknown."

Virtual Conference

As it is likely that campuses will restrict the capacity or limit the ability of student organizations to host in-person meetings, CEO HQ is investigating the need to host a virtual "national meeting" on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. CEO is requesting the feedback of our chapter presidents and advisors as it relates to your campus. The survey will ask questions regarding specific COVID-19 related restrictions placed on student organizations on your campus. The survey will also address your specific chapter operating plan for the Fall 2020 semester. Armed with this information, CEO can build meaningful virtual membership experiences for our chapters. 

In addition to a potential "virtual national meeting" CEO will offer a collection of content to each chapter including:

  • A workshop series, highlighting strategic CEO Partners, here you can learn how to utilize some of the resources provided by our partners. This series will feature: Start Engine, Klaviyo, Law Cloud, Million Stories and much more!
  • CEO will offer a network wide challenge and curate chapter-based teams to compete in a new venture creation simulation, while being challenged with a variety of real world entrepreneurial strategies.

Chapters leaders are encouraged to complete the CEO leadership COVID-19 campus impact survey. Meanwhile, please visit our newly designed and interactive resource page as you plan for an amended chapter meeting model in Fall of 2020. If your campus has not clearly provided direction as to how your student organization should meet in the Fall, please contact your dean of students immediately to learn of new meeting restrictions or guidelines

COVID-19 Campus Survey

CEO Resources Portal

Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO), in partnership with Embarc Collective, Future Founders, Synapse, The University of Tampa, EnFactor Podcast and American Inno is proud to launch a featured live webinar speaker series, known as the "Distinguished Speaker Series," at our global headquarters in Tampa, Florida. 

This series will feature individuals who have been selected by our co-hosts as a true innovator in our world. Through the course of their career, they have served as a role model to future generations, inspired countless individuals to take action to be entrepreneurial all while building a brand that our society simply can-not live without.  

The main objective of this program is to inspire and motivate the collegiate entrepreneurs in our network. The webinar will create a discussion among current and future business founders, successful entrepreneurs, funds, and entrepreneurial support organizations. Topics of conversation may be motivational and inspirational in nature and each session will be moderated to ensure burning topics relative to today’s entrepreneurial landscape are discussed. The event will feature an intimate and interactive live audience with a virtual attendance of 16,000. The stream will be professionally recorded and live cast, to also be made available on the EnFactor Podcast immediately after the event.

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