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CEO is the premier global entrepreneurship network. Our mission is to inform, support and inspire college students to be entrepreneurial and seek opportunity through enterprise creation.

As a sponsor of the Global Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization Conference, your organization will be exposed to over 16,000 members, attendees, college students, faculty and administrators.

Each year, an average of over 1,000, and as many as 1,500, students, faculty and others interested in entrepreneurship attend the two-and-a-half day Global CEO Conference. Over 80 outstanding entrepreneurs and business leaders share their ideas with students on how they launched their businesses, the lessons they’ve learned and where they are today. The conference also provides students the opportunity to network with their entrepreneurial peers nationwide.

CEO tries to keep the registration fees low to make the conference accessible to all interested students. In order to provide the best quality conference and keep the registration fees low, we rely on our various generous sponsors for financial support.

CEO is committed to meeting your organization’s sponsorship needs, and we are willing to work with you to customize a promotional package. CEO also offers the opportunity to sponsor special organizational events throughout the year.

For sponsorship questions or to learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact globalhq@c-e-o.org


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