Unlocking the future with CEO 

Passion leads to purpose. Do what you love, and the money and success will follow.


Take action! CEO encourages members to start NOW in taking the steps needed to get to where they want to be.


Be persistent. We strive for students to believe in themselves and in their dreams and goals, no matter what it takes or how long it takes. Failure should not end the entrepreneurial journey, but should provide an opportunity to learn and move forward.


Young entrepreneurs can succeed.


Create opportunities for experiential education. Entrepreneurship is cool, but so is school. School provides opportunities that will help in entrepreneurial pursuits, including experience and hands-on learning that is just as vital.


Be accepting of all viewpoints, ideas and entrepreneurial interests.


Support and mentor student entrepreneurship in a culture that is ethical, positive, encouraging and non-self-promotional.


Who you know is key! We encourage students to build networks and contacts of people that they can help, and who might be able to help them along the way. You are the average of the people you associate yourself with, so we uphold the idea of surrounding yourself with positive, entrepreneurial-minded people.

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