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Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization a 501 (c) (3) not for profit charitable corporation, founded in 1983, supports more than 16,500 emerging entrepreneurs annually. Any student, regardless of academic discipline can launch a business.  Through our global network of more than 250 college and university chapters, we support and inspire the growth and development of any student that seeks to be entrepreneurial.

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Join us in creating a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem at your university. With one-on-one support from CEO HQ, we'll foster a culture of innovation, empowering students to unleash their potential. Collaborate, network, and elevate your institution's reputation as a hub for groundbreaking ideas. Together, let's shape the entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow and build a future where your campus thrives with entrepreneurial brilliance!  

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Discover the innovative power of the CEO network. Invest in young entrepreneurs, cultivate a legacy of entrepreneurship, and connect your brand to innovation. Empower the leaders of tomorrow and make a lasting impact. Join us now and be a catalyst for extraordinary achievements.

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Read about young trailblazers in the C-E-O Annual Report. Unveil tales of startups and campus communities leaving a global impact. Get inspired and join the ranks of fearless visionaries, celebrating the spirit of entrepreneurship in its most authentic and dynamic form.

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