Alumni Association

The Association:

The CEO Alumni Association will focus on community and interactivity. The major benefit of the association is that CEO will cultivate all members in a LinkedIn Group so that CEO can continue to fulfill its mission to inform, support and inspire its graduated students. The group, private in nature, will be a place for members to communicate, share ideas, updates, and will only be available to members that purchase an Alumni Membership.

The establishment of this association will provide the following benefits and access for both CEO HQ, Chapters, Corporate Sponsors, and Association Members:

  • Connectivity among alumni members in a channel designed to cultivate both organic native content and relevant information disseminated to its membership
  • CEO will continue its mission by providing opportunities, resources and content that informs, supports and inspires its Alumni Association members
  • An annual subscription to Entrepreneur Magazine and access to American Business Journal Inno column in the members respective market
  • Access to American Business Journal Inno, CEO HQ, Alumni and Chapter Events
  • Mentorship opportunities with current chapter members to further advance their venture or career path
  • Leadership opportunities with CEO HQ committees to establish programming and fundraisers for CEO Alumni Events
  • The opportunity to speak at CEO HQ events, chapter meetings, webinars or other mentorship engagements recognized as a CEO Alumni Association member.

Annual membership is $25 per alumni member, granting full access to all benefits. 


Once a year, CEO HQ will host 4 regional based alumni events (Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, Southwest). Each region will have a regional representative committee that coordinates the event along with CEO HQ. Events ideally will all take place during the same week and take place in a regional hub or major city. These networking events are not designed to raise funds or develop membership, but potential new members are welcome to attend. This is simply an offering and incentive to connect and build new relationships that will help to expand your entrepreneurial reach. 

  • 4 Regional based alumni networking events.
  • Regional representative and alumni committees to coordinate each event.
  • Metropolitan city-based events.
  • Entrepreneur Magazine & American Business Journal partnership & tickets.