CEO Residency Bootcamp

Join Future Founders for a special CEO pop-up of their innovative Startup Bootcamp, an idea-stage accelerator that will cover topics ranging from customer discovery to pitching. The Startup Bootcamp combines hands-on learning with topical lectures that will help you focus on taking action with your idea immediately. CEO participants can expect to leave the Bootcamp more prepared to bring their idea into the market with increased confidence around pitching their company.



The Residency bootcamp will take place on November 3 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:50 p.m.


Who Participates: 
  • Idea generators / early-stage companies 
  • College students that are pre-revenue 
  • Those interested in learning the fundamentals to launching and growing their startup strategically


Expected Outcomes:
  • Avenues to better define and understand your customer  
  • Formulate a minimum viable product (M.V.P.)
  • Make more informed decisions through key performance indicators 
  • Understand pricing and profitability 
  • Prepare and build confidence in pitching and sales



Any CEO Global Pitch Competition participant that is not accepted into the Top 100 Founders is eligible to participate!

Future Founders & CEO hope that by accepting students who applied to the competition, with a great idea, and aren't quite at the level necessary to participate in the competition that the startup bootcamp will act as a kick-start to the Global Conference Experience. By participating you will gain valuable skills towards preparation for future competition and new venture launch.

To be considered for participation, you must have applied to the pitch competition. You may apply for this program even after the Pitch Competition application deadline has closed.