Chapter & Individual Awards 

The Global Conference & Pitch Competition, hosted by The Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO) will bring together nearly 1,500 young entrepreneurs, students and faculty worldwide to provide a 2 ½ day forum that will inform, support and inspire college students to be entrepreneurial and seek opportunity through enterprise creation.  CEO is a global network consisting of over 250 chapters and 8,000 students. Approximately 80 outstanding entrepreneurs and business leaders help to infuse entrepreneurship into the fabric of universities globally by sharing their ideas and expertise with our high energy audience of aspiring collegiate entrepreneurs. The conference also offers students the opportunity to network with peers on a global platform.

Chapter/Individual Award submissions are open until October 20th. 

The Chapter Awards Program is a great way for CEO Chapters and Individuals to apply and gain recognition for their accomplishments in entrepreneurship.  CEO is a vast network of student leaders and we want to ensure that members are appropriately awarded and recognized.  

CEO strongly encourages all of its chapters to apply and participate.

The Awards program recognizes individuals by promoting: 

Collegiate Entrepreneur of the Year

$600 Cash Award

A $600 prize will be awarded to the outstanding student entrepreneur who is a current student, a CEO member, and is actively running a business with sales and revenue at the time of submission.  This award helps to recognize the hard work and dedication that goes into launching a venture while in college. 

Outstanding CEO Chapter Leader

1st $300, 2nd $200 Cash Award

An outstanding chapter leader exhibits a sense of undeniable guidance; they provide vision and direction for their CEO Chapter and exhibit a great level of charismatic and outstanding characteristics that create the best chapter leader in our CEO network. 

Outstanding CEO Chapter Advisor

1st $300, 2nd $200 Cash Award

An outstanding CEO Chapter Advisor attends all the club meetings, provides guidance to chapter leadership, helps CEO clubs navigate university policies and politics and provides a concrete continuity when student leadership transitions.  CEO does not exist without it’s dynamic Faculty Advisors. 

Global Chapter of the Year

$500 Cash Award

The global chapter of the year award is presented to a CEO Club that has demonstrated excellence in developing its organization, its leaders and offering a comprehensive and meaningful entrepreneurship experience for CEO members. (presentation at global required)

Outstanding Marketing & Social Media Award 

1st $300, 2nd $200 Cash Award

Recognizing that with any business, customers don’t just arrive on your doorstep or visit your website--CEO acknowledges its chapters that partake in outstanding Marketing and or Social Media efforts. Social Media or Marketing helps elevate our global brand, increases membership and creates a unique call to action for campus leaders to demonstrate the importance of supporting collegiate level entrepreneurs.

Best Cross Campus Innovation & Networking Award

1st $300, 2nd $200 Cash Award

Entrepreneurship is everywhere. It’s in our minds, our soul, its taught, it’s studied and it’s not JUST business.  Our next award identifies CEO Chapters that are not only impacting business majors, but expanding well beyond the college of business and interacting, organizing and engaging other colleges or programs. We’ve all heard this statement before… It’s not about who you know, it’s about who knows you.  Networking, electronically or in person, will create great long-term resources for the professional success of your CEO members. 

Outstanding Chapter Revenue Generating Initiative

1st $300, 2nd $200 Cash Award

Fundraising is a tricky task… Navigating your development office, launching a chapter business and partnering with your student government association.  All that said, it is critical to take action in this regard – without fund’s it is difficult to run programs, host events and overall operate your chapter.  CEO recognizes its chapters that generate revenues by launching a business or fundraising initiative. (presentation at global required)

Selected finalists for the Awards above (highlighted in Green), must be available to present a 5-8-minute PowerPoint presentation on the award topic on Friday November 3, 2023.

CEO Chapter Advisors, Faculty, and Staff will serve as coordinators for the Chapter/Individual Awards Sessions.  They will review every submission and notify faculty/student members that are selected to participate.

Award Submission Guidelines:   
-Your Chapter must participate in Chapter Leadership Sessions on Thursday. 
-To enter, you must be a current CEO member/club – you must be attending the conference and you must be in attendance for the Hall of Fame Awards Dinner. 
-Award funds will be distributed as a check requisition.  We will use the address information provided in your submissions to coordinate disbursement of funds. 
-Award recipients in all categories will need to submit W-9 information for individual and chapter awards.  Chapter Award checks are written to your University, and W-9 Info will be collected accordingly.  

If chosen, you understand that and agree that: 
You must be in attendance beginning at 1pm on Friday November 3, 2023. 
-You are giving CEO permission to use your name and photo promotions. 
-You are relinquishing permission to CEO for all still, video, broadcast, and/or sound recordings which may be made of the conference. Agreeing to participate as a speaker is regarded as permission to participate in still, video, broadcast and/or sound recordings. 
-The dress code is business casual/professional. 
-CEO will not permit presentation substitutions on-site. 
-You are expected to check-in with the conference registration desk at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled talk, or your presentation may be canceled.