Black, Indigenous & People of Color Scholarship

BIPOC Scholarship:

Don't let the cost of attending the 39th Annual Global Conference & Pitch Competition inhibit your entrepreneurial dreams! CEO is excited to partner with the Verizon Foundation to support the attendance of 25 BIPOC collegiate founders to join us at "Frame your Future" in Chicago, IL on Oct. 28-30, 2022.

Verizon works to support founders, entrepreneurs and small business owners to provide a Small Business Digital Ready curriculum and local communities by closing the "Digital Divide" providing access to millions who need better access to technology. Verizon's Digital Inclusion program supports students, educators, and training programs.

About the Conference:

Join thousands of Collegiate Entrepreneurs on Friday, October 28 - Sunday, October 30, 2022 for our 39th annual Global Conference & Pitch Competition. During your weekend, CEO members, partners, investors and business mentors will assemble, in-person, to "Frame your Future."

Participate in a: $20,000 pitch competition, a $10,000 Venture Valley E-Sports Tournament, and a Startup Wars entrepreneurship simulation challenge. Additionally, hear from 65 entrepreneurs that will teach you business advancing topics, 10 main stage founders that represent a major entrepreneurial brand, network with your peers and business investors and apply for Chapter and Leader Awards and participate in Leadership Development sessions.

Who should Apply?
  • College students with a business idea that is pre-or-post revenue
  • Members of the Black, Indigenous, People of Color CEO Global Network

Apply below for a scholarship to experience a conference like no other where creative business ideas will be fostered, mindsets developed, networks enhanced and memories made with registration costs covered by Verizon. CEO will select 25 founders to participate at no cost to them.

Deadline to apply, Oct. 12, 2022