Chapter Development 

Chapter Development Speaker submissions are open until October 12th, 2023 

On Thursday November 2nd, CEO embarks on an immersive journey lead by chapter leaders that have seen success in their CEO campus organizations.  We are asking that each and every CEO Leader attend our Thursday sessions beginning at 1pm.  These sessions are designed to help each chapter learn and incorporate “the best practices” from one another.  Networking, welcome receptions and faculty engagement will make for a very impressive line-up; all intended to ensure new, and standing leadership have the tools, connections and idea’s necessary to run a successful CEO chapter. 

We strongly encourage every member to participate in Thursday’s sessions and we look forward to further developing your successful CEO Chapter.  To apply, please visit the link below – but first, take a look at the available topics on the next page.  Each session features a panel of about 5-10 leaders. 

Lendynette Pacheco-Jorge and Jarlyne Batista of Iona will serve as the coordinator for the Chapter Development Sessions.  They will review every submission and notify faculty/student members that are selected to be panelists.

Students will be considered for the following type of sessions:

Chapter Development:

  • These sessions focus on student leaders sharing best practices.   
  • The goal of a Chapter Development session is to engage and develop young leaders to build successful entrepreneurial initiatives on their campus.
  • Typical format is a panel of chapter officers sharing details on chapter operations so that students, faculty, and center directors can improve entrepreneurship programs back on campus.  
  • Chapter Development sessions occur on Thursday.

Development Topics:

The Advisor/President Relationship and how to collaborate successfully: 

Panelists will discuss how this relationship has helped to build and develop a strong connection among the CEO e-team and the academic program on campus. This strong connection helps to divert more resources to the CEO chapter.  This panel will feature a mixture of faculty advisors and chapter presidents. These panelists will talk about how involved or hands off the relationship is and how that benefits the chapters growth. 

Life after CEO | Past Presidents and Their Successes: 

As a chapter leader, you assume a great responsibly for your campus and your members, but, what's in it for you? Panelists will discuss their experience with CEO and how it taught them to be leaders in their industry.  It's one thing to launch a venture while you're in college, it's another thing entirely to help hundreds of other students realize their entrepreneurial potential. 

Roadmap of CEO - The Suggested Journey: 

New chapter development and/or embarking on a strategic growth plan can be challenging. Learn from successful re-builds, expansions or academic integrated chapter launches as our panelists discuss ways that their chapter has grown, under their leadership. This panel uses the CEO guides and resources as a tool for growth/expansion.  

Idea Pitch Competitions at your University:

Panelists will discuss details of their Pitch competitions which include Idea and Business Plan competitions. Topics include organization, prizes, garnering campus and community support, judging, advertising, promotions, timing, etc.

Gettin' the word out | Marketing & Social Media:

Panelists are invited to discuss their most successful entrepreneurial events and programs – from concept to execution.  Small, medium, and major events are shared.  Ideas around how to market and utilize social media to develop a successful chapter and interactive membership will be discussed. 

How to Build Epic Membership:

Chapter leaders will discuss how membership activities are the heart of the club.  Social activities, membership duties, recruiting, notifications, faculty partnerships, benefits, retention strategies are examined.

Building a Campus Wide Entrepreneurial Mindset

Entrepreneurship is interdisciplinary – not one department or college owns this mindset.  While many Management and Marketing faculty and students study the E-concepts in their courses – across campus initiatives are the focus of this session. This session talks about ways to encourage everyone to feel empowered to be an entrepreneur, while establishing a creative spirit in each chapter. 

How to Build an Epic E-Board:

Panelists will discuss and share their organizational models.  From leadership training to succession planning, marketing plans, and membership best practices can help all chapters improve their E-learning. This panel will focus on diversity of skills, backgrounds and ideas! 

Submit your Application via Online Form’s Only:

If you have any questions regarding submissions, please contact .

 If chosen, you understand that and agree that:

  • We encourage multiple leaders from a university/college to apply for different sessions
  • Participants will receive certificates of participation
  • You must be in attendance beginning at 2pm on Thursday November 2, 2023
  • You are giving CEO permission to use your name and photo promotions.
  • You are relinquishing permission to CEO for all still, video, broadcast, and/or sound recordings which may be made of the conference and by agreeing to participate as a speaker is regarded as permission to participate in still, video, broadcast and/or sound recordings.
  • The dress code is business casual/professional.
  • CEO will not permit presentation substitutions on-site.
  • You agree to refrain from “self-promotion” (advertising pitches) while presenting.
  • You are expected to check-in with the conference registration desk at least 30 minutes prior to your scheduled talk or your presentation may be filled with another speaker.
  • There will be no audio-visual components - panelists should refrain from preparing PowerPoint presentations.

On behalf of the Innovation Team, here at CEO, we would like to thank you for considering joining us for our 2023 Conference.  Should you have any extensive questions or need to speak with a team member, please contact us at (813) 258-7CEO.