Dakota Wesleyan University - The Entrepreneurship Mall

Dakota Wesleyan University - The Entrepreneurship Mall

On Tuesday, April 25th, Dakota Wesleyan University - Kelley Center for Entrepreneurship and the DWU CEO club hosted The DWU Entrepreneurship Mall. The event was held in the Sherman Center. The mall was made up of a variety of students with different business ideas. There were a total of 35 DWU student run businesses at the event expressing their passion towards their new products and ideas.

Many other incredible startups like these were shared at this event such as, a new apparel line called Meaning by Gaige Marshall and K Krew apparel by Nolan Woodward. It is great to see how powerful the minds are of these young entrepreneurs as they begin to make their way in the entrepreneurial world!

Additionally, The Collegiate Entrepreneurs' Organization at Dakota Wesleyan University was named the "Up and Coming Club" by the Student Senate for the 2016-17 year.  

Tanner Wernsman creates an incredible new company called SoDak Style which create custom screen printed apparel!

Isaac Van Essen, of Sioux Falls, turns his passion for outdoors into a business!