LawCloud partners with CEO to provide free legal documents

‚ÄčCollegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization is excited to announce it has partnered with LawCloud, previously known as iDisclose. LawCloud was founded in 2015 and functions as an online platform that allows users to create a wide variety of legal documents for a small monthly fee. The partnership between CEO and LawCloud grants access to more than 20 documents, such as non-disclosure agreements, employment agreements, consulting agreements and many other documents pertinent to new venture creation — all at no cost to CEO membership. When a CEO member selects a document on the LawCloud platform, the system begins a simple questionnaire that automatically completes the document as well as other relevant documents.

For an additional fee, members can request that live lawyers review their documentation and file for incorporation as well as raise money for their venture though Equity (Stock/No Stock certificates), Convertible Notes, Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) and public offerings.

“When launching a venture, legal services are often ignored for the sake of time, available funds or overall lack of understanding for their purpose,” said James Zebrowski, CEO’s executive director. “Now, CEO members can take the necessary legal steps to file for incorporation and structure their venture on the backbone of formalized legal documentation.” 

‚Äč"When we created LawCloud to help early-stage entrepreneurs with their legal documents, one of our first objectives was to work with college entrepreneurs,” said Michael Knox, CEO of LawCloud. “The Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization is a perfect fit because of their dedication to providing resources to young entrepreneurs and their national outreach.”

Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization, a 501(c)(3) not for profit charitable corporation founded in 1983, supports more than 16,500 emerging collegiate entrepreneurs annually. CEO believes that any student, regardless of academic discipline can launch a business. Through our global network of more than 250 college and university chapters, we support and inspire the growth and development of any student that seeks to be entrepreneurial.

            CEO practices a mantra of “Stop Dreaming and Start Doing.” At our global and regional conferences, students network with like-minded entrepreneurs, meet and receive mentorship from seasoned experts, and compete in business competitions. On our campuses, programming exposes every student on campus to a viable path to becoming an entrepreneur. The historical footprint of CEO has endured the test of time, and we invite you to learn more about what it means to be an entrepreneur in the Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

LawCloud, previously known as iDisclose, was founded in 2015 and is an industry-leading platform in the crowdfunding and legal disclosure space with major contracts with platforms such as Republic, seriesOne, MicroVentures and Slice Capital. In addition, LawCloud offers legal document solutions for startups and small businesses, including regulatory documents, deal documents, human resources documents and other business documents. For more information about LawCloud, visit their website at