Membership Dues Adjustment 

Today, CEO is announcing an essential change in our annual membership dues. CEO HQ is committed to providing our members with the best possible resources and opportunities to support their entrepreneurial aspirations and co-curricular experiences. Therefore, after careful consideration the Board of Directors have moved to increase the annual membership dues from $300 to $450, effective August 15th, 2023.


We understand that this increase may be a challenge for some of our chapters and we want to emphasize that we desire to retain every single chapter in the network despite this rate adjustment. To that end, we will accommodate rate-locks for campuses that demonstrate a financial need and agree to work with the CEO membership team to address their funding challenges. Utilizing best practices from successful chapters we firmly believe that your chapter can be revenue generating and self-sustaining. To apply for a rate-lock please complete the below form, by December 31st, 2023 to be considered. Chapters can only redeem the rate lock once.  


We have expanded our resources, offering a range of valuable tools and partnerships. Some notable additions include Slyngshot for ideation, QuickBooks for financial management, WeFunder for crowdfunding and equity sharing, Verizon® Small Business Digital Ready, Amazon® Small Business Academy, and Patent Hacks. Furthermore, we have introduced AWS® University Scouts, Chapter Presidents Collective, Mentor Connect, Top 100 Startups, and additional business formation programs.


As a reminder, as part of your membership with CEO, you have access to ongoing support from CEO HQ with strategic development sessions open to your chapter and mentorship for your chapter leaders. Along with guides designed to support your chapter's success and initiatives. These guides provide valuable insights and resources to help you maximize the value and impact of your chapter. We encourage you to explore and utilize them:

Chapter Support: 


Additionally, here is a snapshot of some of the resources, strategic partnerships, and programs available to you:

Added Tools for Entrepreneurs:

  • WeFunder: A crowdfunding equity sharing platform
  • Slyngshot: An app designed to launch your ideas 
  • QuickBooks: Financial management software 
  • Law Cloud: Free legal document service for start-ups
  • Harness: Community management platform


Added Supplemental Education:


Added Programs:


 Please note that while it is strongly recommended, it is not required for your chapter to charge individual dues to participating members. However, a financial investment from members ensures further buy-in and motivates your executive team to host more programming and provide additional value while covering the membership dues expenses.


If you have any questions regarding the dues adjustment or the subsidy form, please reach out to our office at We are here to support you during this transition.