Alumni Association Homepage

The Alumni Association is a vibrant movement of today's business leaders. It features members that represent the true elements of a successful entrepreneur or intrapreneurial leader. We want to celebrate you and your colleagues success.

Do you know any young CEO Alumni accomplishing great things in their post collegiate careers? How about that one member of your chapter who stood out in crowd? The Alumni Association is searching for the 30 top businessmen and businesswomen under the age of 30 in the Global CEO Network. Nominate someone who has demonstrated a commitment to both their entrepreneurial journey and have worked with their campus in a philanthropic way.

Submission for the various award categories will be rolling. CEO HQ is seeking its alumni members who have either gone off to launch a successful business, or seen success in an intrapreneurial role, in the following categories:

  • Family Business
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Early Stage Ventures
  • Food & Drink (Hospitality)
  • Technology
  • Arts & Creativity

A team of independent reviews will evaluate each nominee's submission form and narrow each category to the top 3 finalists. From there, CEO HQ will connect with each finalist to hear about their respective accomplishments, post graduate journey, and entrepreneurial futures! All 3 finalists for each category will be highlighted leading up to the event, with the final announcement  of the category's winner coming at CEO Global!